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How to become a digital leader in the bike industry.

With more than 100 years of experience in the bicycle industry, the Winora Group has developed into one of the leading companies for e-performance bikes over the last decade. The associated Haibike brand is one of the most innovative and popular e-mountain bikes in the entire industry.

We work closely with the Winora Group and have created a flexible omnichannel infrastructure based on VeloPIM that enables the company to consistently present and distribute digital product experiences across all channels.

Quick Facts

Winora Group

400+ employees
400+ million € turnover (2017)
500+ different bicycle models/variants from the brands Winora, Haibike, Staiger and Sinus

Starting position

The employees of the Winora Group take care of more than 20,000 products within the various brand areas, which are completely replaced every year. All product data must be available in seven languages and adapted to twelve different country ranges.

Prior to our collaboration, a lot of product data was widely scattered across various software systems, departments and file repositories. The maintenance and administration of product data was largely carried out manually in Excel spreadsheets and was therefore extremely complex, inefficient and prone to errors.

Our mission.
Create a highly flexible, robust omnichannel infrastructure that supplies all existing communication channels with the highest quality data in the bicycle industry.

High risk of errors in manual data maintenance
No control over distributed data
Complex and inefficient processes

“The manual product data maintenance of over 500 bicycle models and more than 20,000 accessories was extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Thanks to VeloPIM, the Winora Group is now able to establish new tools and workflows every year that are tailored to their needs and enable them to continuously gain efficiency. ”

Max Stemplinger,
CEO @Campudus

Single Source of Truth
From scattered data silos to a central data source.

First, we brought together all relevant product data, which had previously been scattered in various data silos such as the ERP system and Excel spreadsheets, centrally in VeloPIM. By carefully removing duplicates, incorrect entries and typing errors, the data quality was significantly optimized in this step.

It was then necessary to map the existing article relationships between the Winora Group's bicycle models, variants and components using the data scheme in VeloPIM and to further refine them together with product management. Thanks to the high level of detail in the scheme, the product data could be broken down to the smallest part and specified. In this way, we were able to achieve a significant improvement in data quality and depth within a very short period of time.

Efficient workflows
Automation through digital tools.

After consolidating all product data, we analyzed the various workflows and processes within the Winora Group. For this purpose, the employees of the individual brands gave us insights into how to manage, process and improve their product data. Based on centralized and fine-grained management of product data in VeloPIM, we were able to develop more than 15 individual tools that automate various workflows and save teams thousands of hours of unnecessary and repetitive work every year.

Omnichannel Experience
Tailored data for all channels.

For seamless data exchange, VeloPIM's powerful API gateway was connected to all relevant systems, such as ERP and future B2C and B2B shops. In this way, all data from VeloPIM can be automatically provided in the appropriate format for the various channels and touchpoints.

Screenshots of Winora Website and Bike PIM

A central source that provides all data in the highest quality.

Today, the Winora Group boasts the most advanced omnichannel infrastructure in the entire bicycle industry. This cutting-edge setup includes a wide range of innovative tools, websites, apps, and automated workflows. The mainstay is our highly agile PIM system VeloPIM. Placed centrally between the ERP system, B2C and B2B shops and other tools, it is the key to all-encompassing digitization.

Product data

By combining all product data in a single source of truth, input errors due to redundant, inconsistent data maintenance are avoided and all parties involved are always up to date.

Efficient workflows
and processes

All analog and repetitive work processes could be automated and simplified with VeloPIM. In this way, the time-to-market for new products was even reduced by three times.

Product experiences

Winora Group's product data is distributed directly from VeloPIM in the appropriate format to all relevant channels. This gives customers a consistent product experience with high-quality data along their entire customer journey.