The Bike PIM.

The only PIM system on the market that supports all requirements for managing, optimizing and distributing bike-related product data out of the box.

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Here, everything revolves around bike-related data.

Speed up your omnichannel strategy with a PIM solution that
understands your products, workflows, and goals from the start.


Bike-specific data schema

VeloPIM has a flexible data schema that allows bike models, components and accessories, including product variants, to be displayed down to the smallest detail.


Your product data is already enriched and qualitatively
enhanced during data import.

table with bike specs

Tailored workflows

VeloPIM is completely designed for the products and channels of the bicycle industry and is therefore able to map all common processes in the bicycle sector.


You don't start from scratch, but can
draw directly on proven workflows.

workflow illustration

Powerful interfaces

Whether it's a website, a B2B shop or a dealerbook, the powerful VeloPim API gateway provides your data automatically and in the appropriate format for the desired channels.


Your data is available to all market participants
always available in the highest quality.

omnichannel illustration

Take your data to the
next level.

Step 1


Eliminate data silos and merge your product data from distributed data sources, such as ERP systems and Excel files, into VeloPIM via imports and interfaces.

Step 2


Clean, structure, and update your product data regularly so that it is always accurate and meets the requirements of your target groups.

Step 3


Supplement your product data with marketing-relevant content such as photos, product descriptions or translations to successfully address customers in all markets.

Step 4


Individualize all exports according to the requirements of your dealers, customers, and partners. You have absolute sovereignty over who receives which data and in what level of detail.

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See VeloPIM in action now!

You can test VeloPIM right away and discover how powerful workflows optimize your data assets. Don't hesitate to contact our VeloPIM team if you have any questions. We're here to help!

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What is PIM and how does it work?

In our free white paper, you'll learn everything you need to know about Product Information Management (PIM) and why fast-growing industries such as the bicycle industry in particular benefit from using a PIM system.

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Single source of truth
instead of data silos.

With VeloPIM, you can manage, maintain and distribute your product data in one place. Scattered, redundant data in various Excel spreadsheets is now a thing of the past! Prices, specifications and descriptions can be updated quickly and easily, significantly reducing data maintenance costs. At the same time, you minimize the risk of errors that could otherwise result from multiple, manual adjustments in distributed files and systems.

VeloPIM Circle Product Management
VeloPIM Circle Marketing

Efficient workflows
for faster time to market.

VeloPIM automates all product information management processes and gives you the flexibility to seamlessly integrate new, efficient workflows into the system. Whether it's translating product data, automated exports for dealers or generating cutting-edge print materials — VeloPIM makes it easy to provide product information in a wide variety of formats and languages for all relevant target groups.

Compelling product experiences
on all channels.

With VeloPIM as a central data source, your product data is automatically distributed in the right format and level of detail. This gives your customers relevant information at every touchpoint, from high-quality product photos to detailed specifications and personalized accessory recommendations. Real-time updates automatically keep your data up to date and ensure a seamless and consistent product experience across all channels.

VeloPIM Circle eCommerce

PIM benefits at a glance!

How they strengthen product management, marketing and e-commerce.

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VeloPIM in figures.


less effort
when maintaining data

3 x

time to market


conversion rate

Ready to get started?

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about using VeloPIM in your company. Together, we analyze your data structure and data inventory and develop tailor-made imports that ensure fast and smooth integration of your data.

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Accurate product data
down to the smallest screw.

Following the so-called Atomic Data Approach, VeloPIM breaks down products into their smallest components and treats each bike part, whether frame, tire or sprocket, as a separate atom. The bike-related data structure ensures that every part is connected to its components and the entire bike model.

Benefits of Atomic Data Approach
  • Breaking down products into their smallest components enables you to describe and classify your products extremely precisely.
  • Attributes such as manufacturer, color, and material can be reused for different parts, improving data maintenance efficiency and consistency of your product data.
  • Changes to atomic components or attributes are automatically synchronized with all related data sets. This saves you time and minimizes the risk of errors due to manual adjustments.
table with bike specs

Real product variants
no ifs or buts.

With smart product variant relationships in VeloPIM, managing different product variants is child's play. By automatically transferring the core data of a product, it is only necessary to maintain the variant differences.

Benefits of smart product variants
  • Flat variant lists from Excel, ERP or other systems are consolidated, structured and converted into real product variants with VeloPIM.
  • Thanks to predefined product-variant relationships, which are based on defined logic, variants can be created automatically.
  • The presentation and handling of product variants on various output channels such as websites, web shops, apps and print is significantly simplified. Applications such as filters or size finders provide more specific results.
table with bike specs

Product data management made easy.

VeloPIM offers an intuitive user interface and extensive features for easy and efficient management of your product data.


Powerful user and rights management for easy definition of individual access and editing rights.


Detailed history & practical approval tools for quality assurance and control of your data.


Clear dashboard with up-to-date status of data processing.


Interactive presentation tools for a flexible product preview even before the official launch.


Translation management and country-specific product range management for tailor-made data on all markets.


Automatic real-time generation of data sheets and price lists for efficient and appealing sales communication.

VeloPIM à la carte.

VeloPIM was developed specifically for the bicycle industry and is constantly being expanded in collaboration with key industry partners. As the backbone of your digital strategy, VeloPIM can be easily adapted to individual requirements and needs.

Industry standards included

VeloPIM supports all established data standards in the bicycle industry, such as Veloconnect, BIDEX, DST or BikeCenter, and can be expanded at any time to include further standards as well as proprietary types and classifications.

Veloconnect logoBikeCenter logoBIDEX logoDIN EN 17406 Classification logo

Individual interfaces

Wherever there are no standardized interfaces available, the VeloPIM team will find a suitable solution. Through our API gateway, various import/export and sync options can be developed according to your requirements.

Customised workflows

From automatic catalog export to completely digital pre-order in real time — by analyzing and recording your data structures and work processes, we are able to set up new, efficient workflows and optimize your existing processes.

Catalogue icon
Catalogue production
Digital price tags
Digital signage

Flexible implementation

VeloPIM offers a flexible REST API-based infrastructure that can be easily integrated into your process and system landscape. This gives you the technological freedom to react flexibly to future challenges.

Lay the foundation for your entire omnichannel strategy and provide your dealers, customers and partners with product information of the highest quality.

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Selected case studies

Together with our customers, we define
new digital paths in the bicycle industry.

Digital pioneer in the bicycle industry

From scattered data silos to a single central data source with over 15 individual tools such as apps, websites, order systems and the DealerCenter. Always of the highest quality — the product data.

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Complete digitization in just six months

In just six months, the digital infrastructure, consisting of ERP, B2B shop, websites and catalog production, was ready for use with VeloPIM as a central data source for all product data and channels.

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Make optimal use of product data from 25,000+ bicycle parts

How can over 50 heterogeneous product groups with over 25,000 products from different brands be optimally maintained, improved and made available on all channels without great effort? It's simple: with VeloPIM.

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