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Efficiently handle product data from 120 product groups and 25,000 bike parts.

E. Wiener BikeParts is a major wholesaler of bicycle parts and offers an extensive range of over 25,000 accessories. With products from both well-known brands and its own brand XLC, the company covers almost every need of bicycle enthusiasts. The challenge was to efficiently manage and maintain this extensive product range consisting of over 120 product groups and to make the product data available to various third parties, such as retailers, partners and departments.

Eight years ago, E. Wiener BikeParts decided to implement the VeloPIM product information management system (PIM) to meet these requirements. In this case study, we examine the benefits of the VeloPIM system for E. Wiener BikeParts and show why a PIM system is invaluable for bicycle parts manufacturers and suppliers.

Quick Facts

Bicycle parts and accessories wholesaler
with own brand XLC

250+ employees
Deliver to 11,000+ retailers
in 40 countries
140 distribution brands


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Time savings in product data management.

Before the introduction of VeloPIM, managing and maintaining extensive product data at E. Wiener BikeParts was extremely time-consuming. However, with the PIM system, every single data set could be optimized and managed efficiently.

The perfectly adapted data scheme allows product managers to easily capture every detail of an accessory and expand it as needed. VeloPIM's intuitive user interface further simplifies the process and saves valuable time when maintaining product data.

data schema
Handling of
over 120 product groups
Multi-country &
Multi-language capability

“E. Wiener BikeParts is a traditional brand in Europe and offers a huge range of bicycle parts and accessories. We are proud to digitally support the BikeParts and XLC team with VeloPIM and to simplify daily work with product data.”

Daniela Lentfellner,
Product Manager @Campudus

Error-free data
Cost savings due to less incorrect
entries and sources of error.

Before VeloPIM, the risk of incorrect entries and inconsistent data was high as information was stored in various systems and Excel spreadsheets. This not only led to unnecessary delays, but also to errors in various media and channels. Thanks to VeloPIM, errors in product data are identified and corrected early on before they can spread across various media and channels. This significantly reduces the effort required to correct errors and results in fewer cost-intensive improvements.

Single Source of Truth
Consolidation of all product data
in one system.

Prior to the introduction of VeloPIM, product data at E. Wiener BikeParts was scattered across various systems and files. This led to inefficient work processes and made it difficult to find the required information. With VeloPIM, all data was centralized, which enables product managers to access all relevant information quickly and easily.

Easier deployment of
product data to third parties.

Thanks to VeloPIM, E. Wiener BikeParts is able to easily distribute product data to dealers, partners and other departments. Tailored export functions make it easy to transfer data to web channels and web shops. The interface to InDesign ensures seamless transfer of print data for the traditional and still popular BikeParts and XLC catalog.

The latest data on all channels.

VeloPIM's central data management ensures that all product data is always up to date and remains current across all channels. Whether it's a website, online shop, catalog or other media, the consistency of the data is ensured, which strengthens customer trust and leads to an improved customer experience.

Screenshots of XLC Bike Parts Website

Competitive advantages,
shorter time-to-market and the digital lead for bike parts.

The introduction of VeloPIM has proven to be extremely beneficial for E. Wiener BikeParts. The PIM system enables efficient administration, maintenance and distribution of extensive product data. The time saved in data management, the reduction of errors and sources of error, the uniform data source, the simplified provision of data to third parties and the constantly updated data quality are just a few of the many benefits that VeloPIM offers.

Bicycle parts manufacturers and suppliers can increase their competitiveness and optimize their data management by implementing a PIM system such as VeloPIM. It is clear that a PIM system is a necessary investment to meet the requirements of the bicycle industry and to support business success.

Omnichannel structure

All product data is available in the highest quality and can be seamlessly placed on B2B shops, B2C shops, websites, apps or print editions. In addition, individual export functionalities make it easy to transfer product data to third parties.

Efficient workflows
and processes

Thanks to the PIM-to-Print functionalities, the traditional BikeParts and XLC catalog is created automatically, saving many hours of work and man-power. The new workflow also makes it easy to adjust the data up to printing.

Product data

The central maintenance and translation of all product data with connection to external translation tools enables an efficient and high-quality presentation of over 120 product groups with more than 25,000 products on various output channels.