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Husqvarna Bicycles

From zero to complete digitization in just six months.

Once a pioneer, always a pioneer. After an absence from the bike industry for over 50 years, Husqvarna Bicycles came back in 2018 with a bang. Driven by e-mountain bike pioneers Susanne and Felix Puello, the well-known brand immediately found numerous enthusiastic customers. We helped Husqvarna Bicycles build a digital software ecosystem that could flexibly scale with the company's growing needs.

We evaluated specific software tools such as ERP, DAM and web shop and integrated them with our PIM solution VeloPIM to enable effective management and provision of product data. With tailored workflows, the Husqvarna Bicycles team was able to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. This was the first step to present a successful brand in the best possible and innovative way on all digital channels.

Quick Facts

Husqvarna Bicycles

70+ employees
80+ million € turnover (2018)
350+ different bike models for all conceivable areas of use (city e-bike, enduro e-bike and more)


Three men with bicycles in front of a mountain.

The comeback of Husqvarna Bicycles involved not only developing new bicycle models, but also redesigning the entire product management system with suitable tools and processes. From the allocation of EAN numbers, to entering the first specs for a bicycle model, to the product finder on the website, all workflows should be digitally optimized.

It was important to make everything as flexible and scalable as possible in order to create enough space for future company growth. In this spirit, a transnational orientation of the brand website and the B2B shop was also on the agenda. The entire product range should be available in at least five languages and flexibly adapted to country-specific requirements.

Our mission.
Building a digital infrastructure that easily adapts to brand growth and enables digital innovation across all future channels.

New greenfield project
Scalable & flexible
PIM system
Multi-country &
Multi-language capability

“If you can lay the digital foundations of a company yourself, there are great opportunities. You can focus on adapting new workflows directly to the team's needs, instead of looking for cumbersome solutions to old problems. ”

Susanne Puello,
Managing Director
@PIERER E-Bikes GmbH

Flexible data structure
Tailored always fits better
than one-size.

Most PIM systems on the market follow the “one-size-fits-all” principle, which suggests that they can be used regardless of industry and product. However, we believe that a PIM system can only develop its full potential in the long term if it is fully adapted to a customer's individual product relationships and needs.

VeloPIM gave Husqvarna Bicycles the necessary flexibility to completely tailor all product management processes to the company. As a first step, we tailored the data structure — the core of VeloPIM — directly to the requirements of Husqvarna Bicycles.

Omnichannel Experience
Consistent data on all channels.

After adapting the data scheme in VeloPIM, we developed the interfaces to the ERP system and the future B2B shop of Husqvarna Bicycles. The powerful API gateway from our PIM system was used for this purpose. This gateway enables the customized transfer of format-neutral data from the PIM system to various end channels such as a B2B shop, website or print.

Multilingual and international
right from the start.

In order to achieve an international orientation, all product data should now be translated directly into VeloPIM and made available for various channels. For this purpose, we have implemented an interface that allows multilingual data to be retrieved from VeloPIM and displayed on the website, depending on the country. In this way, it was not only possible to offer several language versions, but also to adapt the product range to specific countries.

Husqvarna Bicycles website screenshot.

A unique and flexible digital ecosystem.
und flexibles digitales Ökosystem.

After just three months, the final website with the entire e-bike portfolio and the B2B shop was launched. By building a unique digital ecosystem around VeloPIM, the Husqvarna Bicycles team was able to efficiently manage and tailor product data from a central location. The result: high-quality product data and thus consistently positive customer experiences across all communication channels.

Omnichannel structure

The realignment of product management offered a unique opportunity to align all workflows with the Husqvarna Bicycles team. Thanks to VeloPIM, it was possible to exploit 100% of the potential of a digital omnichannel infrastructure for Husqvarna Bicycles.

Efficient workflows
and processes

All analog and repetitive work processes were automated with VeloPIM, allowing the Husqvarna Bicycles team to concentrate fully on strategic tasks that move the company forward in the long term.

Product data

After the introduction of VeloPIM as a single source of truth, all product data was managed, translated and distributed centrally. This ensured high data quality and consistent product experiences across all channels.